Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

We are the #1 top producing and most recommended expat real estate company in the Manta Ecuador area. We don’t use gimmicks or misleading statements to gain your business and trust, we do it the old fashion way, we earn it! With core principals of integrity, strong ethics, and superior customer service, we know that you will love the experience of working with the ESR team!

We didn’t get to be the top producing and most recommended expat realty company overnight, it took years of hard work, dedication, and looking out for our clients best interests above our own. We invite you to ask others around town about us and talk to past clients we’ve worked with, as that is the best test of a company’s standing in the community, and their track record of honest results.

Ecuador Shores Realty is also the ONLY expat realty company with a professional office. Located in the nicest area of the city and right on the main drive, we are super easy to find. We want you to see and feel confident that you are working with the best and most reputable expat real estate company in town. When dealing with real estate outside of North America, it is important to work with a professional real estate company and legal team, to make sure all of your best interests and needs are taken care of!

We want you to be happy, plain and simple. Even if that means that you do business with someone else, we want to make sure that we did all we could to help you. We want you to feel confident in referring us to your friends and family because you know that we will treat them as friends and family too. These core principles are the foundation of what we do and how we do it, and we look forward to showing you just how pleasurable doing business can be!

Please feel free to send us an e-mail listing all of your desires when it comes to that perfect condo/home or property investment you’ve been looking for. We will go through all of our listings as well as contact other friends in the area and see what we can find for you. The more detailed you are in your list, the easier it will be for us to find something that fits. Now we aren’t saying that everything you dream of is going to be available…if you dream of being able to play ice hockey in your living room then we probably can’t help you…but let’s just say that between our team and our other contacts in the industry, we feel confident we can find that perfect choice that fits you best!

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