If you are like most people in the States and around the world you are growing more and more disenchanted with the investment opportunities available to you and especially with their usual super low rate of profit return. Well you can now cheer up and look toward a bright and lucrative future with investment properties in Ecuador.

The long and short of things down here is that it is just getting started. All you have to do to see the potential of this South American gem is look at Costa Rica, where it was 10 years ago and where it is now. Ecuador is well on track to do the exact same thing! The only question is, will you be in the group of the savvy investors who profit from it?

Investment properties can range in price from $30k all the way to $3 million so there is something for every budget. No matter if you are looking for something small to purchase and hang onto and leave for your children, you want to grow an investment to help with retirement, or you want to be a part of something much bigger, we can help you realize your goals. Turnaround times for taking a good profit can be in as little as 1-2 years so even if you are looking for something short term, it is readily available.

With the contacts and track record we have in the development game we can even put together a full scale development project for you. The beauty of this particular opportunity and investment is that you don’t need to know anything about the development game to profit from it. In short, we do all the work, all you do is buy the land, sit back relax as we take it from there and we divvy out the profit at the end. It doesn’t get much sweeter than that!

If any of this sounds interesting to you, please feel free contact me and give me an idea of what you are working with and what your goals are. I will be happy to put something together for you with a few ideas about what is available and what a realistic profit should be within different time lines.

In the last few months Ecuador’s new Minister of Tourism, Vinicio Alvarado, announced a $600 million investment in tourism over the next four years, a hike of more than 300%, as part of a plan to become a “tourism powerhouse.”

Earlier this year a new international airport opened in Quito. A new luxury train just started operations and the country continues to be “The world’s best place to retire” by International Living.

In short, it’s probably the best vacation spot you haven’t yet considered, unless your name’s Julian Assange.

The reason why I mention this...

This is a relevant note I figured was worth sharing since it deals with the value of your investment in Ecuador.

Everyone wants to have some signal that where they are investing is appreciating in value. Makes sense to me too. Sometimes those signals come as small almost unnoticeable instances and sometimes they beat you over the head.

It seems like the latter of the two is what is happening when CNN votes Ecuador #5 in the list of places to see in 2014, calling it a “Tourism Powerhouse” and notes the country’s $600,000,000 tourism investment. I think it is safe to say that given Ecuador’s already high and growing higher ranking in the world that the country will continue to see significantly more and more people traveling here. The more people that visit, the more perspective buyers there are and I’m sure you know what that means when it comes to property investment.

To top it off AARP and international living continue to vote Ecuador as the #1 place to retire, other respected publications continue to list it in the top 3 for best place to live/retire, House Hunters International has done more than a half dozen episodes on Ecuador alone with more in the works, and it just keeps getting better!

So, it’s always our choice to take signals or not to but in this case, I just wanted to put it out there that this seemed like a signal worth taking action on.