Family owned lifestyle

Some of you may or may not remember what it was like when you would walk into a store and the owner greeted you by your name and a smile. I remember traveling to some of the more rural areas of the country and how nice it felt to be treated as a person, almost like a long time family friend. It always gave me the sense that I was more that just a dollar sign, I was a person.
Today in the corporate world of big chain names and mega-stores like Walmart we are lost in the mob. We never have the chance to shake the owners hand and are looked at only as part of a graph showing the latest P&L statement of the corporate giant and how many millions they’ve made this month.

One of the great things about living in a country like Ecuador, especially in our area of Manta, is that around 90% of the businesses are all family owned and operated. When you walk in you are usually greeted by the owner or a family member of the owner so you really feel like an actual person instead of lost in the crowd. They are eager to help you and if you frequent the store often you will easily be on a first name basis with the owner and other employees.

Coming from Orlando FL this little piece of Ecuadorian lifestyle is a welcomed change and one that I’m sure you will come to enjoy as well!

Ryan Kelly
Founder & CEO
Ecuador Shores Realty