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The city of Manta Ecuador – The largest and fastest growing coastal city in the country!

Real Estate | Food | Shopping | Tourism | Beaches | Whale Season | Sport Fishing | Health Care | Dentistry Manta is the so called “La Puerta del Pacífico” because it is one of the main ports for the Ecuadorian economy. It has the largest fishing fleet in the country, exporting its products to Europe, Asia and the United States. Due to its strategic geographical position, its inhabitants enjoy a…

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Family owned lifestyle

One of the great things about living in a country like Ecuador, especially in our area of Manta, is that around 90% of the businesses are all family owned. When you walk in you are usually greeted by the owner or a family member of the owner so you really feel like an actual person instead of lost in the crowd. They are eager to help you and if you frequent the store often you will easily be on a first name basis with the owner.

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